This will be your downfall
HSGD - 3/30

Food = 890/900

Exercise = 250

Total = 640/900

So far so good :D It’s getting tough as I seem to be hungry a lot lately but I’ve got 1000 to eat tomorrow but I’m doing loads of walking so I’ll try not to feel guilty if I do eat over 1000 which may happen as I’m actually going to eat a family meal I just gotta work on portion control. 

Will weigh myself on Monday as I’m currently on my monthly and I always gain weight!

HSGD - Day 2/30

Food = 755

Exercise = 300

Total = 455/800

Not too shabby :) 

HSGD Day 1/30

Total: 941/900

Exercise - 250 calories 

So not feeling too guilty over the extra 41 calories I wouldn’t have gone over if we actually had some proper food in the house! 

Healthy Skinny Girl Diet Day 1/30

Will have to weigh myself tomorrow as I’ve eaten and I like to do it on an empty stomach :D So far so good I’ve had 309 for breakfast and as I won’t be having a proper meal for dinner I can have something for lunch to keep me going.

Cannot wait to see the results of this! Maybe I’ll move onto the Skinny Girl Diet after this one as this is going to be hard enough. 

Hopefully I can get back onto the couch-2-5k tomorrow I’ve had a cold and every time I try to breathe in through my mouth a lot I cough so much so a jog isn’t on the cards today. 

Of course it’s hard. If it was easy then everybody would do it. The hard work you have to do will make you special.

No breakfast, no lunch and cereal for dinner total cals = 187

Work tonight which means lots of walking around and lifting things brings the total to about

-700cals BOO YA!

Reblog if you’re shorter than 5’8.


5’1” and PROUD that my heels can’t touch the ground when I sit in normal sized chairs :(